S. Bear Bergman | Training/Consulting
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With more than fifteen years’ experience training faculty and school staff regarding GLBT issues, Bear comes to the task with two clear goals: create understanding and give practical advice. Trainings may be general LGBTQ cultural competency, specifically trans-related, or some combination of the two, but are always accomplished with humor and tender respect for where participants are as they come to new questions and ideas. All training includes clear explanations of terms which may be unfamiliar, plenty of time for questions, and useful ways to manage common situations.

Bear has also trained active municipal police officer and officers in training, Fortune 500 companies, licensed professionals and licensure candidates in social work, health professionals (and students of the health professions) from dental hygienists to physicians, school board members, fraternities and sororities, members of formerly Gay-And-Lesbian organizations working to integrate their trans services, members of the clergy, and parent groups. References are available.

Human Resources

Special issues in insurance, medical leave, transition in place (on the job), HIPAA and confidentiality rules, grievances, patterns of microaggression, organizational forms and systems, creating an inclusive workplace, hiring and retention.

Residence Life

Housing by sex; restroom use; resources for students coming out; pronouns and names; confidentiality and resources.


Hazing; gendered language and expectations; creating v. inhibiting a homophobic culture; managing the Top 5 complaints about GLBT athletes by straight athletes(for three and a half years, Bear worked as an academic advisor to the University of Massachusetts football and then men’s basketball teams; ze brings a great deal of understanding of athletic culture and vernacular to this training).

Health Services

Physical transition; medical exams; sexual health; psychological counseling resources; gender identity disorder and the Harry Benjamin Standards of Care.

Public Safety

Names and pronouns; identification; hormones; garments and prosthetics used for ‘passing’; ‘gay/trans panic’; searches and detention.