S. Bear Bergman |
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What’s coming next? Here’s a sampling:

  • a novel, tentatively titled You².
  • a short film called By Any Other Name.
  • a new Educator-In-Residence program, piloting this year.

Bear brings twenty-five years of performance training and a lifetime of storytelling experience to his performances – fresh, funny, and incredibly engaging. Whether he’s reflecting on marriage, gender roles, childrearing or underpants, Bergman enters and rearranges the familiar and leaves it fresh, new, and slightly sparkly.


Bear is a frequent lecturer and at colleges and universities, regarding issues relating to gender and sexuality, and has advised the staff of numerous institutions on their policies regarding transgendered and transsexual students.


Bear and a couple other justice minded Jews (j wallace skelton and Jen Goldberg) came up with a great way to participate meaningfully in tzedakah (charity) during Chanukah and throw a fun party at the same time! Read more about Donate the 8th!