S. Bear Bergman | Lectures
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5 Questions People Always Want to Ask the Transsexual

(but shouldn’t)
(but I’ll answer some of them anyway)

Bear asks the questions that trans people constantly get asked – and then turns them inside out and upside down, showing what’s behind them (and how they perpetuate certain myths) on his way to helping audiences gain some real understanding of what trans lives and experiences are all about. A funny, fast-paced, participatory hour, 5 Questions sends students away knowing surprisingly much more about trans people, considering how much they laughed.

Sex and the Very Serious Trans Person

The process of de-sexualizing transpeople in order to make us respectable and non- threatening is nearly complete – but where does that leave us (besides sitting bolt upright and fully dressed with all four feet on the floor)? An exploration of the social and sexual norms imposed upon the trans* community, what happens to those who break them, why we love to hate them (and hate to love them), and what sexual orientation means to someone whose gender is a subject of debate.

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Gender

Just exactly what is a transsexual, anyway, and how do they get that way? How is transsexual different from transgender, exactly? And what is genderqueer, and why do the words keep changing, and none of these newspaper articles make sense, and can’t you kids today just make up your damn minds!? An informational and personal lecture about hormones, surgeries, ‘social gender’, gatekeepers, identification (and its discontents), and all the nuts, bolts, mechanics, fears, hopes, and dreams before and beneath a gender change. Rated M for mythbusting.

Sing If You're Glad to Be Trans

While the difficult narratives of trans life are valid and deserve our attention, is it not perhaps enough with the all-misery-all-the-time trans channel? Being trans is not a reason for pity, scorn, shame, or apology. This lecture celebrates trans bodies, communities, awareness, sex, love, particular talents, successes and self- creation with a faultless logic and good humor that may just make you appreciate transfolks (or being trans) in a whole new way. Highly recommended as a Trans Day of Remembrance companion event.